4. Sample materials

COLORCODE VJ includes many sample materials, courtesy of various creators.

The sample materials are installed automatically when you launch the app for the first time. You can delete these sample materials at any time. To restore deleted sample materials, delete COLORCODE VJ from your iPad, and reinstall the app.

You can reinstall the app as many times as you wish without additional payments.


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4-1. Terms of use

All sample materials included with COLORCODE VJ are copyright by their respective creators. The materials may be used free of charge within COLORCODE VJ only.
Contact the creator if you wish to use the materials for any other purpose


4-2. Contributing creators

See the site for details.。

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5. Others

Startup check
Upon startup, COLORCODE VJ will attempt to restore the last used state. If a previously used media cannot be located, the corresponding slot of the media pool will be marked with an X.
To resolve this issue, reload the media into COLORCODE VJ.

When your iPad is configured to sync photos and videos with iTunes, changes to folders containing files used in COLORCODE VJ may cause COLORCODE VJ to report the files as missing, even if the files are left intact. This is caused by changes to the internal data. Again, you can resolve the issue by reloading the media into COLORCODE VJ.


Location services
To access images and videos within your iPad’s Photos app, location services must be ON for COLORCODE VJ.
This setting can only be configured via the Settings app.


For support, visit http://colorcodevj.artteknika.com/.
Inquiries may be submitted via the form on the above website.
A Facebook page is also available at http://www.facebook.com/COLORCODEVJ.

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